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“I guarantee you will be absolutely

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Christie Brinkley, Age 61, Reveals
Recapture-360 to Millions on Live TV!

The View Invited Christie
to Discuss Her Anti-Aging
Skin Care Line!

Meredith Vieira and Christie
Discuss Beauty Secrets
and Beauty Tips!

Good Morning America
Declares: Christie Brinkley
Still Sexy at Her Age!

At the age of 61, Christie Brinkley looks absolutely incredible and her skin is simply flawless. Christie has been on the cover of 500+ magazines within the 40 years of her career. Christie is proud to share her latest beauty secret with the world. Since releasing Recapture-360, she has been invited to some of the highest rated television shows including The View, The Meredith Vieira Show, Extra and Good Morning America to reveal her new Authentic Skincare Recapture-360, which she personally uses daily to revitalize and reverse signs of aging and to recapture her skin’s youthful appearance! Try Recapture-360 Risk-Free Today

Revive & Restore Your Damaged Skin
with Christie Brinkley’s Recapture-360!

Ready for Smoother, Firmer,
Youthful Radiant Skin?

NEW Recapture-360 is my own brand. I'm personally involved in every step of the process
and I proudly stand behind every single jar. We guarantee that every jar of Recapture-360 will
give you the results you’ve been looking for.

I’m proud to share my lifetime knowledge of skincare and to have brought together a team of
leading experts to develop a product I truly believe in. Recapture-360 is a breakthrough
anti-aging solution
that contains some of the greatest scientifically formulated ingredients to
reverse signs of aging and effects of sun damage.

Rejuvenate skin to fight against wrinkles
Improve skin’s firmness and elasticity
Contains Bio-Copper Complex+ protection
Protects with UVA /UVB & IR sun defense

For a limited time, Christie Brinkley is offering a limited number of women a chance to
try Recapture-360 Risk-Free
. Finally give your skin Christie Brinkley’s exclusive anti-aging
treatment it deserves...

Christie Brinkley’s NEW Recapture-360 is a true multi-targeting, anti-aging breakthrough... developed by world renowned leading scientists selected by Christie Brinkley. The results of their work is a true breakthrough that fights those signs of aging, dark spots and sun damage while protecting skin for a smoother, firmer, healthier, and younger look.
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Visible Wrinkle Reduction
& Prevention!

Christie Brinkley has collaborated with a leading team of cosmetic formulators and renowned anti-aging scientists to develop this revolutionary anti-aging formulation that works to create a “true solution for visible wrinkle reduction, prevention and brightening”...

Christie’s breakthrough anti-aging formulation works to recapture your skin’s youthful appearance - revitalizing and reversing signs of aging while drastically improving the look of problem skin. NEW Recapture-360 helps naturally Revive + Improve + Protect your delicate aging skin.

In 2015, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare™ breakthrough anti-aging line was awarded the prestigious 'Daily Use Seal of Recommendation' from The Skin Cancer Foundation, the only international organization solely devoted to skin cancer prevention, early detection and prompt treatment.

Fight back against the signs of aging, wrinkles and fine lines
All-in-one solution for smoother, firmer, more even looking skin
Helps to reduce the visible effects of sun damage & dark spots

It doesn’t matter what age you are! If you are a woman or a man, you need a product that will address the effects of aging, tighten the skin, reduce the look of wrinkles while improving firmness, smoothness & elasticity. Are you ready to look years younger?
Try Christie Brinkley Recapture-360 Risk-Free Today!


Recapture your youthful appearance
while revitalizing and reversing signs of aging.

“Getting Christie Brinkley's Perfect Skin
Just Got a Lot Easier” -               

At the age of 60, Christie Brinkley looks absolutely incredible and her skin is simply flawless. Some would even say she looks closer to 30, and there’s a perfectly good reason... just look at her! Christie has been on the cover of over 500 magazines within the 40 years of her supermodel career.

“I want all women to experience that incredible feeling of looking in
the mirror and seeing yourself looking years younger. I believe this is
the best product ever..."

People Magazine - February 10, 2014 - P. 64
How Does Supermodel Christie Brinkley Keep Getting Better with Age?

“I remember Oprah asking how I felt about plastic surgery when I was in my 40s, and I said, 'Never!' Now at 60, there are so many other noninvasive choices that address sagging, wrinkling and discoloration..."

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When you realize that your skin looks younger...
You’ll feel great!

The Proof Is In The Science!

Treat your skin with the anti-aging protection
it needs and deserves!

Umbrella of Protection!

INFRARED RADIATION (IR) is one of the major causes of photo-damage to the skin. Some of the IR spectrum, specifically Infrared A Radiation (IRA) is a main culprit behind photoaging (those pesky brown spots and wrinkles).

Now You’re Protected!

NEW Recapture-360 cream contains UVA & UVB protection as well as the groundbreaking Bio-Copper Complex+ with IR protection.

Help protect your skin from sun damage effects of aging
Reduces the look of wrinkles, crow’s feet & fine lines
Improves firmness, smoothness and elasticity

• Address the effects of aging and reduces wrinkles
• Helps to energize the skin and improves firmness
• Contains anti-aging complex and IR Defense

Reduction & Protection All-In-One!

Helps to reduce the visible effects of sun damage
Enhance the skin’s natural ability to fight sun damage
Full spectrum protection against sun damage

Ready to recapture your youthful appearance? For a limited time, you
can Try Christie’s Recapture-360 Risk-Free...


“Recapture-360 was designed for women who
want to truly look their youngest!”

Christie Brinkley’s

NEW Recapture-360 Day Treatment

“You’re going to love how young your
skin is going to look”

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